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I don’t like to toot my own horn, but I fancy myself as a bit of a tech whizz. In this increasingly digital world, how could you not be? That’s why I’m now using my digital, computer, and geeky skills to help you, the visitors to Socon.tv

But why Socon? The name Socon was born from my gaming name, which I’ve been using since I was about 15 years old playing COD online in my bedroom with all of my mates. I have to say that online gaming was my real introduction to excellent, innovative new tech. (Don’t ask me where the actual word came from – it’s been a long time since I was 15!)

Socon is your go-to place to find out all about new tech, reviews on gadgets, how to be secure online and everything else in between. Socon is all about the latest technology, news, events, gossip and what’s happening in this fast-paced world. You will also read what’s happening in the world of the internet. This blog offers up a wealth of valuable written and video content designed to help readers make important and informed decisions about computers, mobile and wireless technology and everything there is in between.

I still love gaming, it will always be a passion of mine – don’t let anyone tell you that gaming is a waste of time! It can seriously help to improve cognitive skills and problem-solving, and there are studies to prove it! However, my fascination has developed into all things digital and I’ll be taking a look at various aspects over on the blogs here.

Oh, by the way, my name’s Mike. You’ll often find me with a beer in one hand and a gadget in the other. Why don’t you send me a message and we can talk about either. I love to hear suggestions!