Hacking seems extremely scary, after all, they are getting into your systems and stealing your precious information, or leaving malicious programs that destroy your work. It’s for these reasons that many people get antivirus programs, or look up cyberghost reviews to see if it is a VPN that can protect them from the dreaded cybercriminals.

Every time you’ve watched an action movie where hackers are involved, you’ve perhaps wondered if real hackers actually live this sort of life of thrill, danger, rapid typing, and some seriously advanced use of computers (aided by that fluorescent green text). Well, you might be disappointed to learn that while hacking is a serious problem in society, isn’t quite as exciting as the movies portray it to be. Today we explore some interesting facts about hackers and hacking that you should know.

  1. The Green Text is a Theatrical Effect

Sure, some hackers (even white hat hackers and programmers) love emulating what they see in the movies and set their programming environments to depict that famous green text you see in the movies, but that really isn’t how it’s ordinarily done. The most experienced of hackers (all types) use a simple development environment that can resemble nothing more than a text processing application that only really highlights some of the syntax features of the code for readability.

  1. Lots of Boring Work

Hacking is quite boring in reality, whether the hacker in question is a white hat or black hat hacker. There is almost never any rapid typing or trying to access some “mainframe” or anything of that sort, with hacking usually entailing a lot of repetitive work to try and expose weaknesses or plug them.

  1. It’s Easier to Destroy than to Construct

White hat hackers (hackers who hack with the aim of pointing out security vulnerabilities and weakness with the aim of having them fixed) will tell you from first-hand experience that it’s perhaps easier to be a black hat hacker (crackers who harbour malicious intent with their attempts at exploit vulnerabilities) than it is to be on the good guys’ side. Even the most potent of black hat hackers would feel as if they fall short on their skills if they were on the side of aiding security instead of trying to break it.