Vacuuming is typically adequate to remove most dust and debris, but there are certain stains that require more professional equipment. Whether you’re dealing with pet urine or stains from a spilled drink, almost every homeowner will look for carpet cleaning in Montreal sooner or later. But how does this deep cleaning process actually work to sanitize your carpets? Here’s a closer look.

How Does it Work?

Though the deep cleaning of carpet is often referred to as “steam cleaning,” steam isn’t actually used during this process. Instead, it starts when a detergent and water solution is sprayed onto the carpet. For best results, hot water is used, which makes the detergent more effective. In especially tough cases, a pretreatment solution will be applied first to break down oils. After the mixture has been applied to the carpet, it is vacuumed up by specialized cleaning equipment. No matter where you live, there will probably be a carpet cleaning business operating locally to you. For example, if you live in Chichester, simply search ‘Carpet Cleaning Chichester‘.

When the mixture of hot water and detergent is vacuumed, it takes with it the dirt, bacteria, and other contaminants that cause carpet staining. Removing as much water as possible is an important part of this process. This is why many homeowners will use a professional company, like the best carpet cleaning Beaufort has to offer, because they will have equipment that can remove more water than a regular carpet cleaner can. With more powerful equipment, more water is removed, which leaves the carpet cleaner and dryer. This allows the carpet to be used normally again much sooner after the cleaning is complete, as you should avoid walking on the carpet before it has dried.

What Does It Accomplish?

This intensive cleaning sanitizes your carpets, destroying any bacteria and removing dirt and stains. The removal of dirt doesn’t just help your carpet look clean – it helps it last longer. When dirt is allowed to accumulate, it will rub against the carpet fibers each time someone walks across the floor. This can result in rapid deterioration of the carpet, especially in high-traffic areas.

For best results, it is generally recommended that you schedule a deep cleaning by experts who specialize in services similar to Poughkeepsie carpet cleaning, about once a year. Of course, some households may need more frequent cleaning – especially in the aftermath of a spill or pet accident. Quick spot cleaning will prevent set-in stains, which can fuel bacteria growth and even damage the underlying carpet padding. Special carpet protectors and anti-stain treatments can also be applied after the cleaning to add a further layer of protection.


With professional carpet cleaning, you can get lasting results that help your carpet look better than ever while simultaneously increasing its lifespan. Making this essential service a normal part of caring for your home or business will make a big difference in the years ahead.