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Taking care of your technology is vitally important and something that should never be compromised.

But taking care of your technology goes further than just putting it away, keeping it safe and not dropping it. You need to ensure that you are also taking care of it internally as well, securing and keeping it protected against hackers, viruses and any other kind of hardware issues that may see the performance deteriorate or see the item degrade in value.

Here at Socon, we’re not afraid to say that we’re pretty seasoned tech experts and have been since the day we were born, we like to think it’s in our genes, so over the years this means we have discovered a thing or two about technology security. Take a look below at some of our best technology security tips and don’t forget to get in touch if you have anything you’d like to add.

Invest in Antivirus Immediately

Don’t leave it until you have a virus to download software to protect your computer or laptop. The moment you purchase your new piece of kit, buy antivirus as well, you’ll often find that many stores and online retailers offer a discount when purchased together so take advantage and bite the bullet.

SoconIf it looks Suspicious, It Usually Is

From emails to websites; use your common sense and ask yourself, is this real.

Many scams come through our email inbox and many of them look very convincible with sender names such as PayPal, eBay, Halifax and Scottish Power but one simple click of a button will expose their true identity. Click on the sender’s email and you will see the full email address, not the nickname they want you to see. this will often be an email that has nothing to do with the company they claim to be, a mixture of made-up words or even a Gmail account.

If you think it is a scam, send it onto the email fraud team who will track it and help to take scammers off the net.

Don’t Download Illegally

Not only is it illegal to download movies, music and hardware programmes such as Photoshop and InDesign but it is also potentially dangerous to your computer.

These downloads come riddled with a whole host of viruses and issues which will cause your computer a lot of damage, so don’t do it, invest in the real thing and save yourself the both of ruining your tech.

SoconUse Secure Networks

It can be easy to accept free WiFi wherever possible but don’t always assume it is secure.

There are many dodgy companies and individuals out there who are looking to get access into your computer and private information though grabbing your attention with free WiFi. Make sure you always check the connection first, a good firewall will also be able to detect this.

Back Up Regularly

This is more about securing the data on your technology but always keep a backup of files.

For a laptop or computer, this is easy as you just seen an external hard drive to save to or even the cloud. For mobile phones, you should regularly back it up by connecting it to a computer and selecting backup or manually making a copy of your files.

For those with gaming equipment such as an Xbox or PlayStation, your data can be saved onto an external hard drive and be sure not to store it all in one single place in case of any accidents.