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I’m sure we’re all pretty well-versed in the art of technology these days. A lot of us spend most of our lives in front of some form of screen or using some form of gadget. Saying that, there are always new and useful tips to make the most of your technology and to stay safe online. Never assume you know everything about technology because it is physically impossible. The sort of advice I give comes from experience and if you’re not doing any or all of these then you need to. Like, right now.

Maintain Your Computer or Laptop

Computers and laptops do not stand the test of time, they do not age like a fine wine. In fact, they age very very badly and require constant upkeep to keep them running quickly and efficiently. Complete an MOT on the machine every month – yes, that’s right, EVERY MONTH. It’s not even inherently technical or difficult.b go through your files and delete and clear anything unnecessary, unload cookies, clean the inside of the tower, clean your keyboard, dust it off, perform a registry scan etc. All these things can help to keep up the processing speed and keep it happy and healthy.

Back Up Your Devices Regularly

Our whole lives are stored on our devices, photos, music, work documents, taxes etc. Imagine if you lost all of that? You need to be regularly backing up all your files and data. It is so easy to set up and can be done automatically, why wouldn’t you do that? Five minutes out of your day to protect all your most important files and data. You can use a cloud storage system or use a hard drive. Whatever you want to use, just make sure you do it.

Get Secure

It’s important to make sure you’re staying safe online, hide any and all personal information that you wouldn’t want strangers to see. You can be traced to your exact location in a number of ways, just one of which is your computer’s IP address. You can hide your IP address with a number of tools and tricks.

Also, make sure you never have passwords written down or reveal you address or contact information to someone you do not know.

Become a Google Pro

Google has literally saved the world. We hold every piece of information ever to exist in our hands and we use it to look at pictures of cats and stalk our ex-partners. Gogo;e’s algorithm is amazing, you can type in something so vague and get exactly what you’re looking for.

I mean, just look at that. The first result is EXACTLY what I was thinking of. But did you know there are certain ‘Google hacks’ to make your searching even more efficient? Use a ‘-‘ to dismiss certain words from your results, or find a specific title by using the query term: ‘allintitle:’. You can even search for results on a specific site by using ‘site:’. Terms like this can really help tog et the exact results you need when Google fails you.

Secure Your Passwords

This is literally the most basic security measure out there, and people still manage to get it wrong. it’s the easiest thing in the world to generate strong passwords. they need to be more than eight characters long, the longer the better, and a mixture of upper- and lowercase letter, numbers and symbols. Don’t include any personal information in it (it makes it too easy to guess), but you can use the name of someone notable, but not obviously linked to you. A great tip is to use acronyms. For example “I’ve been to Hartford 6 times since January 2007*” – “I’vbtH6tsJ2007*”.

Shop Around When Buying New Technology

There are lots of deal sites out there that scope around for the best deals of the day, collating all the offers and discounts on the web and instore in your area so that you can get the most for your money. check out reviews as well to make sure the product your buying is the best for you. Many people go straight for theiPhonee when buying a new phone, but they’ve got one of worst specs on the market. Think about what you want out of your product and find one that matches that rather than just going for the most fashionable straight away.

Be Email Scam Smart

It’s fairly easy these days to spot an email scam and it’s common thought amongst the people that the days of ‘Nigerian Prince’ scams are coming to a close. However, there are still phishing emails circulating the web and finding themselves in people’s inboxes. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Never give any personal information over email and do not confirm any details they ask for – even if they are correct. Sometimes, all a scammer needs is confirmation that the details are correct to go ahead and drain your bank account. Always substantiate the claims with a call to an official number. Oh, and you never get informed of a tax rebate over email – sorry.