From extra storage to enhanced communication, understanding the cloud can do wonders for your business

In recent years, cloud computing has become a necessity for any small business looking to grow. Whether it’s sending emails, using applications, accessing files or storing data, the cloud is improving the efficiency of every aspect of business. In fact, research suggests that by the end of 2020 most of the world’s small businesses will be using cloud technology to streamline at least one of their usual processes, and potentially check how to integrate additional features in to make these processes even easier for those using them.

So if your business has yet to jump on the cloud bandwagon, the time has come to seriously consider it. The expert team at Syntax IT Support London are here to share the biggest benefits of the cloud and what you can do to really make the most of it in your business.

The benefits of the cloud

As time passes and more and more businesses get on board with using the cloud, the benefits are becoming increasingly apparent. Here are just some of the ways the cloud can help your business run more productively.

Financial profit

The cloud provides you with plenty of extra storage space for saving documents, storing data and sharing things with other people in your workspace. It’s the equivalent of investing in many different devices, memory sticks and software. By comparison, the cloud is much more cost effective.

High security

The cloud secures your data against common disasters like data loss and hacking, thanks to its secure infrastructure. It also allows you to store a back up of documents so that if the original copies are lost somehow, you don’t have to worry.

Agility and flexibility

The cloud is designed to be flexible, allowing you to access files on a variety of devices without having to email them or put them on memory sticks. Collaboration is also made easier thanks to file sharing, and there are different size options available to meet the storage demands of your business. Plus, thanks to solutions like OpenStack, scaling your existing cloud while keeping full control of your data is now more straightforward than ever.


Seamless cloud integration prevents having to use lots of different platforms from different devices. It offers a single overseeing program which you can use for all your documentation.

What to consider before you invest in the cloud

With so many reasons to invest in the cloud technology, it’s important not to forget that research is key before you make any big decisions. Here are some of the things you should consider before taking the plunge into the cloud.

Integrate existing data and documentation

Placing items in the cloud may feel like you’re opening yourself up to hacking and breaching. However, the opposite is true. Think of storing documents in the cloud as the equivalent of storing money in the bank rather than keeping it under your mattress – it’s a chance to put all your documentation securely in one place.

Boost your security even more

As we said earlier, the cloud is designed to be a secure system. However, there is still plenty you can do to boost this security even more. You can use software solutions like Cyral to monitor the real-time activity on all your data endpoints. Additionally, password protection is vital when storing items in the cloud. You should also consider encrypting particularly sensitive documents, or placing individual passwords on certain files and folders. These precautions simply mean that if your cloud software is accessed by hackers, it will be a lot harder for them to reach your most important documents.

List your clear objectives

Before investing in the cloud, consider your exact business needs. If you require a huge amount of storage, look at the large-scale options available. If file sharing and collaboration are bigger priorities for your business, explore options which focus on this.