For many children, learning to play the piano or another musical instrument is a central part of growing up. As many of their parents have experienced, however, getting kids to actually practice like they’re supposed to is often easier said than done. Thankfully, parents have more tools available than ever before to reinforce what is learned when their children take piano lessons in West Island. Here’s how smartphone apps can make a difference.3

Calendar Tools

For some parents, simply managing a child’s practice schedule can be one of their greatest challenges. How can you effectively encourage your child to play when you’re not even sure of how often they need to practice?

Fortunately, calendar apps are a staple of today’s smartphones, making it easy to add recurring reminders for events that repeat on a regular basis. Depending on the app you use, you may even be able to sync your calendar with email reminders that are sent from the piano teacher.

By seamlessly adding these sessions (as well as recitals and formal lessons) to your calendar, you can ensure that other activities don’t get planned during the same time as your child’s practice. It’s a lot easier to remind your child to play the piano when you receive a reminder as well!

Time Trackers & Reward Systems

There’s a big difference between a five-minute practice and a thirty-minute practice – ask any piano teacher, and they’ll tell you that the more time kids spend practicing proper technique, the better they’ll perform. So in addition to providing all the necessary things for the kids to practice for longer periods of time, like comfortable piano stools, for instance, parents should also make sure that their kids are spending enough time actually playing the piano each time they sit down to practice.

To encourage your children to give their best effort, consider using a time tracking app that shows your child how long they’ve been practicing (or how much time they have left). If your child needs extra encouragement, you could even link certain time goals with a reward. Many apps allow you to set a goal with an associated reward. Displaying a real-time progress tracker during practice can provide extra motivation by giving children something to work for.

Kids may not always be enthusiastic about practicing the piano, even when they enjoy their lessons. But while they may not like practicing now, improving their skills and gaining a greater appreciation for music will be something they treasure later in life. By using these simple tools available in the palm of your hand, you can ensure that your kids get the benefits of consistent musical practice.