Of the many factors that can affect your facility’s maintenance needs, few are more important than the roof. This is why many people chose to use a professional company, like, to carry out any roof repairs. Your building’s roof does much more than protect your property from wind and rain – it also has a direct impact on your energy use. To get better results in these and other areas, applying an elastomeric membrane covering is essential. Here’s how this upgrade will benefit your business.

1. Safer Access

Like it or not, you (or a hired contractor similar to SEI Roofing) will need to access your roof on a fairly regular basis for maintenance checks, repairs, and other tasks. Over time, however, commercial roofs can become rather treacherous, with hazards like deteriorating materials and pooling water.

Thankfully, elastomeric membrane roofing can be walked on wet or dry, serving as a safe, sturdy surface for these tasks. The reflective coating prevents pooling water and doesn’t deteriorate over time. In fact, because it is applied on top of a pre-existing roof, it can even provide an extra layer of protection to areas that have been repaired. Easier access will ensure that you can manage rooftop tasks with less risk of an accident.

2. Energy Efficiency

Energy costs are a serious concern for most businesses – and the roof tends to be one of the biggest culprits behind commercial energy loss. Elastomeric membrane roofing directly counteracts this problem by serving as a reflective coating that blocks ultraviolet rays.

By reflecting UV rays, rather than absorbing them, these roofing systems will help you maintain a consistent, cool temperature indoors. Not surprisingly, lower utility expenses will be a direct outcome of such installations.

3. Superior Weatherproofing

A leak can cause serious problems for your facility – especially if it occurs in an area where water could damage valuable products or equipment. An elastomeric membrane provides powerful weather protection thanks to its spray-on application. Because the membrane is sprayed onto the roof, there are no seams or patches where water could leak through.

The spray can even be applied around hard-to-access areas such as roof hatches, pipes, and HVAC equipment. The weather-resistant material is designed to stand up against extreme temperatures and a wide variety of weather conditions, ensuring that you’ll get great performance for decades to come. You still may need a roof replacement contractor, but you can spray it on afterwards for that extra assurance.

With their impressive durability and wide range of benefits, the installation of an elastomeric membrane covering will certainly provide a great return on investment. Whether you wish to protect a new roof or improve the performance of an older building, elastomeric membrane roofing will deliver the results your business needs.