There’s no doubt about the fact that a lot of current skills in the tech sector don’t really explicitly require one to go through college to acquire them. You can learn just about any tech skill online and become really competent at it once you’ve gone through even a free tutorial, including graphic designing and even programming. How does one use these and other skills to earn a passive income though, especially since job openings for these skills pretty much still require one to be qualified in addition to demonstrating their skill and ability through experience?

Stock Images Sales for Graphics Designers & Photographers

There are some great stock image platforms over which graphics designers and photographers can sell their images and graphics. The likes of iStockPhoto comes to mind as a great example, where you can upload one photo or graphic which will effectively pay you over and over again with every download. So you don’t have to go out looking for a photography or graphic design job.

Boxed Web Application Solutions Sales for Developers

Something like a web application that takes the form of an E-Commerce Website could perhaps be sold over and over again as well if you take the time to develop one as a web applications developer. You can either license its sale as is or even use the platform yourself to sell products online. But selling or using it for personal benefit alone will not help you to scale the business. You also need to think about the web application delivery that consists of load balancing, security controls and traffic management in data centres and cloud environments. In order to learn more about web application delivery, you can look into the websites of firms like Radware.

E-Books and Physical Book Sales for Writers

Programs such as Amazon’s Self-Publishing platform have empowered writers like never before. If you’ve ever wanted to write a book then there’s no longer any need to write letters and send the first three chapters to traditional publishing houses. You can either choose to self-publish in the form of perfectly bound books (learn this here now) or try uploading it as an e-book. Your book can be uploaded and listed for sale as an e-book (you get paid a portion of the sales fee per download) or it can be printed and delivered in physical paperback format when ordered by readers who prefer the feel of a real book in their hands.

Using technology skills to generate passive income may be the future. Nothing can stop you from accepting a cash flow while promoting passive income projects using your technology skills. With these tips, hopefully, you can also start a lucrative passive income business of your own.