The gaming industry is still an extremely huge one, only showing signs of growing bigger and bigger with the further development of some seriously graphically rich games, some of which consume RAM to the tune of watching a real video. For lazy tech heads who effectively want to earn some good money for effectively just playing games and the like, the gaming industry and others offer some great testing opportunities.

Game Tester

It can be a lot of fun getting paid to test games, but it’s not all fun and games. You will have to report any bugs you come across, report back on the difficultly levels of each designated stage and sub-stage, and you’ll basically just be playing from the point of view of the developers and not purely from the point of view of a leisure gamer. Some good money can be made as a game tester however, particularly if you manage to garner some good experience.

Website Tester

Normally you’d need to join a focus group of some sort for this sort of thing, but website quality controllers look for a variety of different types of users to test websites for their clients, so even if you are a tech-head there’s a special place for you as a website tester.

Gadget Testing

This is normally a job which you have to carve out yourself instead of applying for it somewhere as gadget testing isn’t really a formalised industry. The sort of tech heads who usually double up as gadgets testers often have their own tech blogs on which they discuss, test and review all the latest gadgets, setting up the perfect platform to not only go on to get requests to test new gizmos released by developers, but also to keep those gadgets which are given to them to test.