Many small and medium sized businesses make the mistake of putting together their own Wi-Fi network. This might work just fine for your personal network, but businesses deserve professional installation, and here are just four important reasons why.

  1. Support

Firstly, having your Wi-Fi network professionally installed is going to mean enjoying ongoing support. If you start to notice internet speeds dropping in a few months’ time or experience any kind of server problems, your IT professionals will be able to diagnose issues and put them right very quickly if they installed the network themselves.

  1. Speed

Firstly, choosing the right internet provider can have a direct impact on the internet speed that you receive at your workplace. Hence, before selecting one, you should conduct a comparison between different providers in your area on Compare Internet or similar sites, and choose the one that can give you the speed you need. Moreover, there are a whole host of reasons why having your Wi-Fi network professionally installed will increase internet speeds, but they mostly break down into:

  • Correct Placement of Access Points: The routers you need to connect to the internet should be optimally placed to ensure a strong connection. There’s a real skill to it, one that professionals will have honed over years of experience.
  • Correct Selection of Hardware: Business Wi-Fi networks are taxed hard, working throughout the day for multiple team members. Some hardware is made to handle that strain, but some isn’t. A professional will know the difference.
  • Correct Setup of Your Network: Sometimes simply setting up your software poorly can result in a fall in speed.

It’s easy to underestimate the importance of strong internet speeds. It’s going to help your team members stay productive regardless of what they’re doing on the web, and it’s especially important if you ever expect to collaborate online via the cloud or conduct video calls. So make sure you use sites similar to test my speed to get a clear idea of any hardware upgrades or setup changes that you might need to make for the benefit of your team.

  1. Security

Finally, but perhaps most importantly, a professionally installed Wi-Fi network is almost always going to boast superior security compared to one you put together yourself. IT professionals will know the best hardware and software to keep you protected – if allowed to set up your network, they’ll also know exactly when certain hardware and software needs to be updated.