Collecting diecast model cars has been a popular hobby for decades — but finding that rare piece to round out your collection is often easier said than done. Chances are you won’t have much luck finding your model of choice at the local pawn shop. So where can you find diecast models in Canada? Fortunately, our increasingly tech-driven society has made it easier than ever for avid collectors to find exactly what they’re looking for.

Speciality Retailers

Without a doubt, the best resource for diecast model collectors is a specialty retailer. While access to these specialized shops used to be limited to those who lived within a close distance of the brick and mortar store, the digital age has evened the playing field for all collectors.

A specialized retailer allows you to search through a wide variety of categories on their website. Whether you’re looking for a particular brand, vehicle model, or scale, intuitive store interfaces make it easy to narrow down your search and find what you need.

With an online shop, you don’t have to worry about inconvenient locations or store hours. You can complete your transaction at any time and have the model shipped directly to your home. Look for retailers that offer key benefits like a quality guarantee, and pay attention to customer reviews so you can have confidence when you buy.

Online Auctions

When a specialty store doesn’t have the exact diecast model you’re looking for in stock, you may wish to consider checking out an online auction. Online auction sites can often be a good source for finding rare and out-of-production models, though the competition can be intense.

One concern when buying from an online auction site is the potential for scams or low-quality products. Because of this, it is generally recommended that you research a seller before participating in an online auction. Purchasing from an unreliable seller could ultimately be a waste of your money.

In addition to third-party auction sites, many specialty stores host auctions for rare collectibles, allowing you to participate in an auction without worrying about quality issues.

While it can still be a lot of fun to visit a local pawn shop or small dealer to search for a rare find, if you’re looking for a specific diecast model, there’s no denying that the internet can make your search a lot easier. By taking advantage of these resources, you’ll be able to build your collection like never before!