Before you travel, there’s always a checklist of tasks that you need to complete: set your budget, book your flights and hotel rooms, convert your money (if you’re traveling internationally), and invest in travel insurance to name a few things.

Now it’s time to create one more checklist: a checklist of the tech accessories you need but don’t yet have in your possession.

Here are five accessories you need the next time you travel:

1 – Selfie Stick

If there’s any one item in this list that you are the most likely to have already, it’s a selfie stick. In many ways, selfie sticks have nearly become as popular to bring along on trips as phones have.

When looking for a selfie stick, you’ll ideally one that can extend far our (around forty five to fifty inches should be sufficient) and that also works with both Android and iOS phones. You may also want to consider figuring out how to buy Instagram likes so those selfies can do some big numbers online!

2 – Power Converter

A power converter is easily one of the most overlooked items to bring along on a trip. There are many converters made today that have a large number of outlets and USB ports on them, which means you won’t need to take up any when charging your electronic devices at the airport. At the very least, it’s an accessory that can prove to be convenient for you.

3 – External Battery Charger

Today’s battery chargers rarely weigh more than one pound and yet have the ability to charge phones, tablets, laptops, and whatever else many times over. Running out of power is rarely if ever going to be convenient, especially if you need to use your electronic device for work or for finding your way around a new area, so a battery charger is definitely something you should bring.

4 – Streaming Stick

If you want to watch movies and TV but don’t like what the hotel has to offer, you can rectify this problem by bringing along a streaming stick that you can plug into the USB port of the hotel room’s TV. Then, you can watch exactly what you want to when you want to.

5 – Luggage Tracker

Do you want to know what will be even more inconvenient then your phone or laptop running out of power while you’re traveling? That’s right: losing your luggage.

This is why having a luggage tracker is so important. Basically, you’ll place a chip in your suitcase (or any other travel case you have), and then you can either track the chip from an app in your phone or the chip will send your phone alert when you are in close vicinity, depending on the tracker that you use.

Accessories To Make Your Trip Easier

It’s not like these tech accessories we’ve covered are going to be completely necessary for your trip, but there’s also absolutely no denying that they can help make your trip go more smoothly.