If you are planning a major investment in new racking, then it could pay you handsomely to source as much as possible from a single supplier, as well as checking sites like Raise to see if there is a Zoro coupon that you may be able to use to help save some money on this new purchase with the well-known retailer. Using a single supplier is particularly important if you are replacing what you already have in the same space. This is essential if you are changing departments around.

Why Source a Major Investment in New Racking From One Supplier?

  • Well, just to begin, that company will be able to plan the complete layout. And project manage the removal of the old equipment while simultaneously installing the new. Compare this with the risks of coordinating several providers yourself. Just one coming late could wreck your entire plan.
  • Moreover, you should be able to negotiate better prices by ordering a major investment in new racking from a single source. They will be able to spread their overheads over a larger range of items. There should be more than enough in the kitty to pay your own people overtime, and fund a thank you celebration when the dust has settled.
  • Besides, just imagine how much better the installation will look when everything is in a similar style, and the colours match up. A pleasing work environment is a great motivator for any team. They should take more care when stacking, and you get a safer environment in return.
  • You have a broader range of integrated metal storage cabinets, industrial shelving systems, palette/cantilever racking systems, and industrial mezzanines from which to choose. This provides an opportunity to re-examine storage policies that may no longer be optimal.
  • A sole provider of a major investment in new racking may be able to leverage more capacity in the upper volumes of your warehouse. Industrial mezzanines and cantilever/palette racking systems benefit from modern options that may not have been available at the time of the original installation.

Financial Advantages and Savings from New Storage Systems

Modern, state of art storage systems justify their cost in terms of improved productivity. We can rank the benefits in terms of the four factors of production. First, we improve the productive use of the land on which the facility stands. Then we enhance the productivity of the people working in it.

We also obtain an improved return on our capital investment. Finally, our enterprise becomes more efficient and profitable. This is easier to achieve when we source a major investment in new racking from a sole supplier.