Modern industrial applications can grind to a halt following an industrial accident. The cause can be working on live equipment without realizing it, or becoming entangled in moving equipment when it accidentally starts. The scene of the incident remains cordoned off awaiting inspection. Our people are our most important asset. A tamper-resistant plastic seal could have prevented these accidents happening.

How Quality Control Benefits From a Tamper-Resistant Plastic Seal Policy

A tamper-resistant plastic seal makes a perfect lockout mechanism that takes electric isolators out of service, and prevents a control lever from engaging. It can also lock employees out of rooms with dangerous machinery. Accidents often happen when employees are distracted. These handy lightweight devices may fit in a pocket, but they can also save lives.

Prevent Airfreight Theft with a Tamper-Resistant Plastic Seal

Urgent consignments, not to mention checked passenger baggage are at the mercy of the system after they pass through the conveyer. A light to medium pull tight can deter stealthy access with a highly visible colour. The thief will take the easy way out by rifling through something else without that protection. Moreover, any tampering with the pull tight is easy to spot at the goods receiving points.

A Tamper-Resistant Plastic Seal Prevents Petty Pilfering

Dishonest employees—and even people passing us on the sidewalk—have sticky fingers when it comes to collectible goods. We can do little after the event, barring replacing the missing rifle ammunition, bottle of wine, or expensive perfume. These events can be a nightmare for retailers when customers call in complaining. Stock theft usually happens in storage areas. A tamper-resistant plastic seal helps prevent this with a highly visible deterrent.

How to Avoid Labour Disputes Over Bulk Shipments

If a semi-trailer or a container arrives at its destination with merchandise missing, whom do we blame? The driver of the vehicle is an obvious suspect but we must be careful not to jump to conclusions. Perhaps this is just a matter of poor quality control during final inspection. A tamper-resistant plastic seal can tell us whether the items went missing before, during or after transportation.

There is almost no end to the uses for a tamper-resistant plastic seal. We can use these inexpensive yet effective devices in any quality control environment where we want to prevent injuries of losses. The benefits can be great, yet they are remarkably affordable and easy to implement.