There’s no denying that if you’re entering the job market then a career in technology is one that will most likely be long lasting, fulfilling and in constant demand.

We live in a very tech-centric world. We spent our lives on smart phones, on computers, laptops, games consoles etc and all these things require millions and millions of people to develop, maintain and create. Anyone can be one of those millions – even you!

I think it’s pretty safe to say that the future of tech jobs is looking bright, sure there’s a lot of competition, but there’s also a lot of opportunities and a lot of chances to learn and develop.

The future is being created as we speak, as you read these words. There are more and more start-ups being created every day and if you have a marketable technology skill such as coding, support, design or development, then any one of these start-ups could be looking for you.

There is such a push to teach young people these sorts of skills in school. IT lessons are no longer based on powerpoint presentations and learning Excel functions, instead, kids are taught the basics of code and graphic design. coding especially is proving to be a real fruitful career. If you can code, you can do anything. You can create apps, websites, animation, literally anything computer or technology based.

Of course, there is the other side of the coin. Living in such a futuristic world has led to the rise of automation and AI. There are now robots that can double the speed of manual factory work, apps like Uber and Deliveroo have abolished the need for some entry-level jobs. So while the future is bright for people with technology skills, the case for robots taking the jobs of perhaps less skilled people is something that we’re going to have to face very soon. We even have self-driving┬ácars! The Disney film Wall-E is becoming more and more realistic in their prediction of the future.

even with the concept of automation in mind, there will always be a market for low-skilled workers. It will always be preferable to speak to a person for customer service issues or to just see a friendly face when interacting with a business.

But, I digress, the point is, there will always be jobs in technology, you just need to harvest and learn the skills to take full advantage of this rapidly expanding and essential job market. Soon enough, there will be an abundance of jobs for automated car support, wearable tech support as well as the already established careers of web development, coding, data analysing, software engineer, game developer, app developer.

even seemingly simple jobs like IT support or administrator will always have a place in the world. All big businesses need someone to help keep their digital network up and running.

So look into your local college or university’s programmes. Filling in a simple form can help you to make a step in the right direction and change your future to become a leader in the tech industry.