Whether you work as a fiber-optic technician or a plumber, having the right vehicle to transport your parts and equipment is an absolute must. For small businesses and independent contractors, this makes a fiberglass truck box an essential part of doing business. But how can you find the fiberglass truck box you need – one that will allow you to work more efficiently than ever? By looking for a few key features, you can make the right selection.

Removable Truck Body

A fiberglass truck box can represent a significant investment – but it doesn’t have to be as expensive as you might think. The fiberglass manufacturing process is a necessary one and can help truck owners who require this type of product for transport.

With a universal fit removable truck body, you can quickly and easily install a fiberglass truck box on the back of a pickup truck. This system offers all the functionality you need while maintaining the flexibility to exchange it for these truck bed covers when you need to use the truck for other purposes.

These designs can also lead to long-term savings. When you need to replace your pickup truck, simply remove the truck box and attach it to the new vehicle. Or, if you want to install a Powered Trailer Door Opener, Power Landing Gear, or any similar smart solutions to your truck, it could be easily removed to implement the necessary changes.

Configurable Interior

No two contractors are exactly alike – so you shouldn’t have to settle for a so-called “one size fits all” solution. Look for truck box manufacturers that allow you to configure the interior in accordance with your specific needs.

Whether you require a sliding floor for ergonomic toolbox access, a special compartment for generator storage, or side access panels that will allow you to get frequently used tools without entering the truck body, such key adaptations will prove essential for efficient work.

Protection Against the Elements

Many contractors travel over rough terrain or deal with severe weather when traveling to or from a job site. As such, a durable, weather-resistant design is vital for protecting valuable materials and equipment. Invading dust and moisture could cause severe damage to your items, seriously hurting your profitability as you pay for replacements.

To avoid such problems, be sure that your fiberglass truck box manufacturer offers bodies that are truly airtight and watertight. Solid fiberglass construction should also be crafted to withstand any bumps the road might throw your way. Quality manufacturers will typically back these performance claims with a generous warranty.

With the right truck body setup, you’ll be able to safely transport your parts and equipment, no matter what type of terrain you might need to drive over. Better yet, you’ll have convenient access to everything you need once you arrive on a job site, ensuring fast, efficient work. With the right truck box, you will increase profitability and provide better results for your customers.